Tough Times Ahead

You weren’t around

to help me eat,

so I had to go it alone.


No one to push me

but myself.


Using the fine China

loosening the belt

bellying up to the table

and using the tablecloth for a bib,

I dig in.


So much to choose from,

but some of each

certainly fits the bill.

The list grows,

the stomach swells.

This weekend, I choose gluttony.


And I’ll be paying for it later.


One thought on “Tough Times Ahead

  1. Jared,
    Thank you for all of your poetry and creativity. I hope more Gram poems are in you. Divorce sucks. It kept me from many family meals where Gram insisted on seconds, thirds….. Even so, I feel her with me, I hear her voice. Her capacity to love was amazing. The picture you shared shows it all. Keep writing and serving yourself seconds. (Might want to skip the thirds.) Your voice is rich and important. It will guide you through the tough times.

    Much love to you and your family,


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