Epic Beards of Review: The New Mutants #37 (Comic-a-Day 40/365)

comicadayThe New Mutants #37, MAR 86 (writer) Chris Claremont (artists) Mary Wilshire and Bill Sienkiewicz

I really wish I wasn’t so art-judgy, but without visuals, I find it really hard to read a comic, less so enjoy it.
And to think, I was assuming it would be the Beyonder’s fault again.

I’m going to bet that this is all artist Mary Wilshire’s fault and that Sienkiewicz is just trying to salvage what he can. I’ve only read one issue with he as stand-alone artist, and was blown away. This, though? To quote the kids today: “I can’t even.”

There’s some neat story and paneling here, namely when Mirage sees “death” over each of her companions’ heads, an iteration of each of their personal images of death. Mirage says nothing, however, and I wonder how the issue would have turned out had she warned them of their upcoming doom. The Beyonder seems to have it in for humanity, and the New Mutants will be no exception.

Meanwhile, Sunspot is in NYC (how far away is it from the X-mansion, anyway?!) and mostly saves a girl from beneath a construction crane. She-Hulk lends a hand at the last moment, and in typical fashion, our boy has a hissy fit.

The kids fare well against the Beyonder, but their powers are no match for him. He rallies and turns them all to ash. I guess his thing is to wipe them from existence. In a nice twist (though it’s been done before) no one remembers them…


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