Epic Beards of Review: The New Mutants #38 (Comic-a-Day 41/365)

comicadayThe New Mutants #38, APR 86, (writer) Chris Claremont (artist) Rick Leonardi

What a difference a day makes.

Only one just for myself, but there’s been some time in the Marvel Universe that a lot’s transpired: mainly the Beyonder bringing our beloved children back from the dead.

At first, I wasn’t completely sure as to what was going on. The cover shows eight open graves as the New Mutants are rising from them. We see them attacking Sentinels, beating up on the Hellfire Club–only to lie back in them at the end of the day, pulling the soil back on top of them. Creep-tastic.

Magneto and the X-mansion staff can see and interact with them, so something has been changed since last issue; obviously no one’s forgotten them. Dull, lifeless, despondent students. Are these the walking dead?

Magneto and the White Queen have some talks in his office, she quite up front about the fact that she could have killed him if she so chose. They discuss the fates of the children and is making offers he may not be able to refuse.

Mirage has a moment of hysterics in the barn with a Thor-frog. She saw her friends die, dammit, and there wasn’t anything she could do about it. Do her friends know? Are they all despondent because of this?

Only time will tell…


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