Epic Beards of Review: The New Mutants #39 (Comic-a-Day 42/365)

comicadayThe New Mutants #39, MAY 86 (writer) Chris Claremont (artist) Keith Pollard

Boy, that cover explains it all, don’t it?

The White Queen has her hooks in deep, my friends. Though she’s rightfully worried about her new students, there’s more to it than she’s letting on. Ain’t that always the way. She’s got some plan to burn off all this teenage depression, even at harm to herself, she only hopes it works.

Empath has also got his fingers in a lot of pies, or, at least, he’s trying. He’s made his way into the girls’ locker room to assert his will onto the ladies, but the ladies of the New Mutants are so emotionally numb that he has no effect on them. The ladies of the Hellions, however, have powers that work just fine against their teammate.

We also find out that Empath has been up to no good on the grounds of the X-mansion doing the White Queen’s bidding. Magneto has been in a bit of a drunken stupor, but sobers up when Tom and Sharon come back dressed in BDSM gear telling their woes that Empath placed upon them. Magneto is understandably unhappy with the situation, knowing full well that Emma Frost has been prodding him this whole time.

Magneto is going to make a house call, but the White Queen calls in the reinforcements…


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