Epic Beards of Review: Fallen Angels #2 of 8 (Comic-a-Day 53/365)

Fallen_Angels_Vol_1_2Fallen Angels #2 of 8, MAY 87 (writer) Jo Duffy (artist) Kerry Gammill

So, we’ve found out why Sunspot is missing, though I still can’t figure out exactly when he left considering I’m missing two issues of New Mutants and the introductory ish of Fallen Angels. Somewhere along the line Sunspot lashed out at his buddy Cannonball and now Sunspot has bailed on the team. Lucky for Sunspot, Warlock is in the business of keeping tabs on him.

Sunspot and a new acquaintance are backed into a corner and about to be mugged, but he still fights for what is right, despite his misgivings as a failed teammate and constant referral to being “evil.” This new friend, Chance, sees an exit with other friend (who may be a mutant?) Ariel, and takes it. Warlock saves the day and as the boys investigate Chance’s disappearance, they find out she actually has…

Sunspot, the villain, helps Warlock fine some techno-organic sustenance and proceeds to find his own. He tears the doors off of a church and, feeling horrible about his actions, runs before he can do any more harm. Some thugs come in and are about to ransack the place, but are stopped by some kid and his two buddies. Turns out he’s looking for Sunspot.

Magneto has called upon Jamie Madrox and Siryn to go looking for Sunspot as well. They’ve got a portable Cerebro and have a neat scene in Port Authority where Jamie bumps into a woman and doubles. Very interesting choice here as Multiple Man splits and canvass the area in search of our lost hero.

The kid is still after Sunspot. Multiple Man and Siryn are still after Sunspot. The Vanisher steps in and is after Sunspot.

Then they go ahead and disappear into another doorway…


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