Epic Beards of Review: Fallen Angels #3 of 8 (Comic-a-Day 54/365)

comicadayFallen Angels #3 of 8, JUN 87 (writer) Jo Duffy (artist) Marie Severin

This issue mainly focuses on some background characters that are looking around for our pal Sunspot. They call themselves the Beat St. Club, and consist mainly of teens that are misfits even among the mutant community. They don’t want to be heroes, or thought that it wasn’t worth it to try. Not sure how much influence the Vanisher has on these kids, but being their “leader” probably isn’t helping much.

They’re a bunch of lazy slackers, it seems, sending the door-keeper Ariel out for some stolen fast food. While eating of their bounty, we learn of Gomi (“trash” in Japanese) who was the unwitting victim of science. Someone souped up some mutant lobsters and transferred them to Gomi. He now has very rudimentary telekinesis abilities, but can talk to the sentient lobsters. Weird stuff.

Thought not a mutant, Ariel can open doors to different places. She shows us her power by opening a door to X-Factor where their friend Boom-Boom is being held. She can blow things up.

As all of these shenanigans are going on. Multiple Man and Siryn are on the hunt for Sunspot. There’s a scene in a restaurant where Siryn shatters every glass and there’s a pretty neat existential moment for Multiple Man and his issue with becoming one with the herd. They eventually reach Sunspot, but are thwarted again as they make an escape with Ariel…to parts unknown.


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