Epic Beards of Review: X-Factor #14 (Comic-a-Day 62/365)

comicadayX-Factor #14, MAR 87 (writer) Louise Simonson (artist) Walter Simonson

So, forget what I said about last issue and the whole humor bend…there shall be none of that left here. *shudder*

This is my first time witnessing such a thing as Master Mold (unless the future-spanning issue of the New Mutants counts) and I dig it. Deep, man. Haunting, the way this Sentinel has taken on a personality. Talk about pot calling the kettle black…

Two pages in of artist Simonson’s paneling really ripping things up, and I’ve not seen anything like it since the New Mutants/X-Men annual crossovers penciled by Art Adams I’d read about fifty issues ago. Stunning work.

Master Mold is looking for something he refers to as The Strong, twelve mutants who will lead and which all others will gather around. I’m sure he’s got his sights set right in that regard, but boy, thinking all humankind are mutants just because they have a mutation of some sort. Robot’s got a screw loose.

Cyclops is having a bad time of things, lying in the ruins of his family’s house, Madelyn Pryor and son Nathan missing. All record of them are dead, and Cyke isn’t dealing with it well. He was the one that torched the place. The cops come and handle things pretty well (as does Cyclops) but they’re stopped by Master Mold. And by stopped, I mean stomped. There are some really great scenes here as he holds his own against a Sentinel, one that can morph and assimilate itself when losing pieces. Can he destroy it when he’s falling apart himself.

Back on the homefront, Angel is still in the hospital, beset by news media hounds. Jean Grey dispatches them with her telekinesis, only for Angel’s wings to be clipped.


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