Epic Beards of Review: Firestar #1 of 4 (Comic-a-Day 82/365)

comicadayFirestar #1 of 4 Limited Series, MAR 86 (writer) Tom DeFalco (artist) Mary Wilshire

Suppose I thought I was over with mutants. Kind of glad I’m not yet. Aside from the warring factions between the X-Men and the Hellfire Club, this series gets off to a good start.

There’s nice set-up here getting us into the daily life of Angelica Jones. Gives us a lot to work with in regards to her motivation and movement into mutanthood. Home and school life are fertile ground for story progression.

We meet the family and witness firsthand the struggle of such. We see a large distinction between our heroine and those that would bully and do her harm. There’s much here from which to mine.

There’s a dichotomy between Professor Xavier and Emma Frost, one which I’m looking forward to seeing pan out. It had better, for sure. These comics lose something when they feel the need to bog us down with guest-stars.

Art and pacing are top-notch, paneling and Angelica’s use of her new-found powers. If I had one qualm, looking back I don’t think I should: I’ve not read much mutant comics, but I assumed powers would go come about all willy-nilly. I guess it just makes sense that they come and go, even in high times of stress.


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