Epic Beards of Review: Firestar #3 of 4 (Comic-a-Day 84/365)

comicadayFirestar #3 of 4, MAY 86 (writer) Tom Defalco (artist) Mary Wilshire

This issue starts out with Firestar’s training. Even after three years, she’s still struggling with figuring out the use of her powers. Emma Frost is still putting the screws to her young protege, so perhaps there’s a part of her holding her back. As we do find out later, however, there’s a sinister game afoot.

Miss Frost has arranged for Firestar to visit her father for the first time since she started attending school. Tensions are high as she arrives home, her father struggling with his daughter’s descent into mutanthood. The vacation is cut short, and it is here that Miss Frost’s plan furthers.

There is another confrontation, this time in the airport, deviously scheduled by Miss Frost. Her lackeys do their due diligence, culminating in an unleashing of her mutant powers. Running back to school, Miss Frost’s plans will be coming to fruition before too long…


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