Man Voyage III: UK & Ireland

Where we drink beer and laugh at Twilight.

The Aging Cynic

Man Voyage III came early this year, and completely by accident.  I was slated to go on tour abroad with my folk/blues/roots duo Rattlesnake Gospel for five dates in March, alongside London singer/songwriter Chris Stringer.  Shows were booked and my plane ticket was purchased when the other half of RG had to withdraw due to a serious flare up of his Nomad’s Disease, which moved him to four different cities and from one end of the country to the other within a few months’ time.

(Side note: Nomad’s Disease is a laymen’s term for the medical condition Icantstayinoneplaceforlonggodforbidthepeoplewholovemegetusedtohavingmearound
imsuchaselfishjerkyesjakedavisandstephaniekeelerimtalkingaboutyou-itis. You’ll want to avoid those who have Nomad’s Disease, as symptoms such as broken heart and pangs of guilt may be quite devastating. Fortunately as the name suggests, those affected with the disease will ultimately leave you anyway so it’s not often a problem).

We began promoting as a singer/songwriter tour…

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