Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Another late night run

milk, for the bottle

the boy will need in the morning.


I detest shopping at the APlus

at the top of the hill–

some small way they offended

my father

a quarter of a century ago.

Can’t quite remember why,

but asking him would not

be prudent at this juncture.

I’m sure he had his reasons.


Me, since you’re dying to know,

having to walk into this walk-in cooler

because the night shift can’t be bothered

to wheel the cart back,

a stationary position, as I sneak in,

grab the gallon, making sure

not to be mistaken

by the color-coded caps

of competing companies.


Papa Conti the Elder

can stick with anger for

the sins of the father.

All will be well

with Papa Conti the Younger,

as long as I don’t walk out

with another bottle of skim.


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