/ Drown the fear

*SNAPS* Will be praying tomorrow, darling.

Leah Marie /

Guys, I’m applying to Graduate School.

I’m applying to Immaculata University for a Masters in Music Therapy.

My audition is tomorrow at 11am.

& I’m 100% terrified.

I could quote Jeremiah 29:11 and call it a day. Because yes, God has incredible plans for my life and I should be walking in that confidence every single day. But I’ve been forgetting some crucial things lately. In all honesty, I’ve been an emotional wreck, and I’m not exactly sure how I’ve been getting through life. Let’s just say, the GRACE of Jesus is real & I feel the need to talk about it.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with life choices, filled with what ifs, drowning in fear. But the past 48 hours have been a major reality check, and it’s about time I DROWN that fear.

A little over two years ago, a dear friend of mine from high school had a tumor…

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