A Christian Man Tries His Hand at Parenting (NaPoWriMo17 6/30)

I think I tried this

last year. Struggling

through the day:

amid laundry, dinner,

dishes piled high.


Bathtub, filling up, just enough

the rest upon the floor,

now, your eyes

taken out too early

off to bed too late.


“Take my hand, oh fisher of men.”

The waters as they

rise, course above my head

upended by the waves

capsized, baptized

looking for the light, found,


by the side of the road, in a

puddle, muddy, muddle, shallow,

reflecting me.




2 thoughts on “A Christian Man Tries His Hand at Parenting (NaPoWriMo17 6/30)

  1. So, Christian men shouldn’t parent? Perhaps you just needed practice, to develop a system that works for you. Women aren’t naturally “better” than men at it; they just end up with a lot more practice because men think that women are supposed to it just because they’re women. Still, a father should take pride in being there for his children when other men barely know their favorite color because they’re usually away at work and haven’t invested the time.


    1. On the contrary, Jamie, I’m very happy to be a father. I suppose as you say “practice,” I’m just amazed at the curve balls the Lord throws at us on a day-to-day basis. This was written after it had taken two or three times to get my son to sleep, compounding everything else that needs to be completed to at least feel normal in a household.
      MUCH PRIDE taken in my wife, kids, situation, etc. because we’re fortunate enough to have me be at home with the kids, especially considering it’s not something my wife has much calling to (especially with bringing in the money!)
      Again, thanks for the interest! I find the learning curve to be something that is always changing, and that I often have to re-learn things. Part of why we’re here, I guess.


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