Call for Submissions: “Fazed”

Think I”ve got just the poem!

rice + beans

EPIGRAPH PRESS is currently hosting an open call for submissions for our first issue, “Fazed.”

Submissions close Monday, October 1st at midnight (PST) with a projected release date in October 2018.

Faze: (v.) disturb or disconcert (someone).

What fazes you? We’re looking your darkest and most eclectic imagery, whether it’s Sharp Objects-esque or related to our current political state, in the forms of:

  • Poetry
  • Short Stories
  • Artwork
  • Photographs
  • Essays or Articles

We are interested in submissions that are multidimensional and subvert the horror genre while humanizing our deepest fears.

We encourage:

  • surrealism, science fiction, mystery, thriller, and satire.
  • Creative submissions and artistic interpretations
  • Works that combine and play with language (English works that intertwine other languages are encouraged).

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: Send submissions for “Fazed” to by no later than midnight on Monday, October 1. We will respond to your submissions via email.


For poetry, please submit 1 – 3…

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