Man Voyage VI: New England

Always such a nice time with my partner-in-crime.

The Aging Cynic

In 2016 I was winding down Man Voyage IV with my best pal and Echo & Sway comrade, Jared A. Conti AKA The Oracular Beard in the upper reaches of New York’s Finger Lakes.  We were chatting at length on the last stop of our three day beer & brewery pilgrimage with a knowledgeable server at Genesee’s Thirsty Pug Craft Beer Market when he wholeheartedly recommended, nay commanded us where to go next: Vermont.  

His claims that Vermont breweries were churning out some of the best beers in the country weren’t entirely unfamiliar to us.  Any craft beer drinker worth his/her weight in IBUs knows The Alchemist Brewery’s Heady Topper is one of the most highly rated & sought after IPAs on the market, and it more than lived up to the hype when a friend gifted us a few cans years ago.  My wife & I received a…

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Illinois, by India LaPlace

This is some good stuff here.

Silent Motorist Media


by India LaPlace


We drove through Illinois once.
Actually, we were driving home to Utah,
From Huntsville, Alabama.
You were leaving me.
Not leaving me, really.
That wasn’t fair.
You were being deployed to South Korea.
I had to wait it out until the army said that I could come too.
I told everybody how sad I was,
How much I would miss you.
My heart was aching,
It had never felt so heavy
And I wanted to tear it out of my chest.
But it was aching because I knew I wasn’t in love
And I didn’t know how to leave.

This was real.
And I had made a mistake when I signed those papers.

I was nearly four in the morning when we finally stopped.
The hotel was shitty,
But we were exhausted.
You always talked about how you could drive for hours on a road…

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TE&S on ‘On Lock’ Podcast

Not only does my band have a CD release and 10-year anniversary on 2/17, but we now have a website!
Check out this really great interview by one of my good buddies.

The Echo & Sway

Last week we were guests on Ryan Douglas Rose’s ‘On Lock’ podcast, discussing our past 10 years, the upcoming album release (including a track by track breakdown of the whole record), plans for the future and much more.  Listen below!

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Sweetness Follows

This is one nostalgic jaunt

I can no longer

make connection to–

the roads have changed

and there are

more pressing matters

upon which to attend.




At four and three, respectively,

keeping our eyes peeled

the Tipton/Grazierville exit

Bland’s Park (how much fun could it be?)

the amusement park rides by

now given in to

corporate branding,

much like my past.


Stories related in circles

as if on an endless track

gander past geese,

biting the hand that feeds them.

Cafeteria and library

are side hustles of your grandmama,

as is getting your peeper caught

in the zipper of your footie pajamas

and the Incredible Hulk

standing in for Jesus on the cross.


Heroic, indeed.




Following these low roads

keeping tabs running, open

to the nagging voices:

past the TYRONE of a booming black man,

the Armaghhhh…of Joseph’s dying words,


long, lonely drive with jaws wired shut,

the shhhhhh of the lisp and roads beneath you,

riding partners of Mitties and Pearl.


I never was a cat person.




Even if his ears bother him,

the inclination, the pressing need

listening, little man

smitten by what I’ve written

of ancient shipping systems

a train in the distance

carting new dreams to these way stations

smile curved up like a horseshoe

at the crossroads. Still

making deals with the devil

nailed above the door.


Good luck with that.





Yet, it always spins back to you.


I pine for what we

once had, if only

because I know it was


I long to understand

what these songs meant to you,

us, the tracks missing

love letter liner notes

teased in disappearing ink.


Sun-dappled memories,

a magnetic menagerie

of Ouijiac proportions

ghosting in the gaslit paths

never getting close enough to touch

intestines, spools

pooled about my feet,

lay bare by the pencil eraser.

Spirits from beyond

these lyrics that won’t die.


Dear you,

remember me forever.

Tilting at Propellers


traveling back and forth

between the people that i love

not knowing where i belong any longer

no signs from above or


and it would mean the world to me

as to where I’m meant to be

I’d like to know


the sun goes down

and the clouds roll in

it’s getting dark now

could this be the end?

rain begins to fall

it comes down in sheets

when ever will the sun shine again

and show its face to me?

these wings lift me higher and higher

farther and farther off the ground

I can’t seem to say a word

from me there is no sound

/ Drown the fear

*SNAPS* Will be praying tomorrow, darling.

Leah Marie /

Guys, I’m applying to Graduate School.

I’m applying to Immaculata University for a Masters in Music Therapy.

My audition is tomorrow at 11am.

& I’m 100% terrified.

I could quote Jeremiah 29:11 and call it a day. Because yes, God has incredible plans for my life and I should be walking in that confidence every single day. But I’ve been forgetting some crucial things lately. In all honesty, I’ve been an emotional wreck, and I’m not exactly sure how I’ve been getting through life. Let’s just say, the GRACE of Jesus is real & I feel the need to talk about it.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with life choices, filled with what ifs, drowning in fear. But the past 48 hours have been a major reality check, and it’s about time I DROWN that fear.

A little over two years ago, a dear friend of mine from high school had a tumor…

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Wishful Thinking (backstory)


So, it’s the holidays, and there’s this post bopping around FaceSpace. I don’t normally share these kinds of things, but this is pretty close to my heart:

It is a difficult time of year for many people struggling with life.
Would three of my Facebook friends please copy and repost?
Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255
Veterans Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255
Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233

I’ve made it a year (maybe a few?) that we’ve made it through without a suicide of a person that I know. Truth be told, most of these folks that have gone weren’t ever that close, but that doesn’t change the feelings.

What does change is that once these folks are gone, that’s it.

I’ve written (and rewritten) a song about it. It’s fast and peppy, but at the heart of it so sad that when I perform with Anthony I tear up if I’m not in the right headspace. It’s one of my favorite songs to sing as The Echo & Sway, but even better when it hits a chord with someone.

Last weekend at Broken Axe was one of those times. Heard from a friend that they’d been there, shotgun in lap. Hit me, hard because I couldn’t imagine life without this person, or the persons that I’ve met through association with them.

Here are the original lyrics from a few years ago, but these are the important parts (which often get repeated in a chorus) that I’ve changed a bit to reflect how I really feel about the suicide epidemic:

’cause the road is long

and it’s twisty back and forth

I’m by your side

your life’s much more than you think it’s worth

can’t wish you back, can’t wish you back

can’t wish you back, can’t wish you back

all those things that you think you lack

can’t wish you back, can’t wish you back

Wishful Thinking appears at about 22 minutes on our appearance on Live @ 5 at 98.7 The FREQ.  There’s a lot of talk about my whistle, but it unfortunately doesn’t make its way into this song.


If you need anyone at all, find them. There are numbers up there, but I’m here, too.